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Secret Shopper


Are you a restaurant or bar owner looking to gain fresh insights into your establishment and elevate your customer experience? Look no further than our hospitality company's secret shopping service.


We offer a unique and unbiased perspective by immersing ourselves in your location as secret shoppers. Our team of experienced consultants will evaluate every aspect of your operation, from the moment customers step foot in the door to their overall dining or drinking experience.


By observing your establishment from a customer's point of view, we can provide you with invaluable feedback on what you are doing well and identify areas for improvement. Our detailed breakdown will include objective assessments of service quality, staff interactions, ambiance, menu offerings, and more. We believe in delivering honest, constructive feedback that will empower you to take your business to the next level.


Our secret shopping service is the perfect way to initiate our partnership. With a fresh perspective in hand, we can collaborate on implementing tailored strategies, training programs, and operational changes that will enhance your guest experience and boost your reputation.


Choose our hospitality company, and let us be your objective eyes and ears. Together, we can amplify your strengths and uncover opportunities for growth. Contact us today to schedule a series of secret shopping visits and embark on a journey of continuous improvement.


Kjeryn Dakin Hospitality Consulting - Shaping Hospitality Experiences, One Secret Visit at a Time.

Unleash Your Locations Potential

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